Welcome To The IRC Brigade Website!


Discontented with the current state of the grand Internetwork, I have personally taken on the responsibility to get things back on track, by founding the Internet Rescue Council (IRC) Brigade. The clu- Brigade currently consists of two members, and we are thus in dire need of fresh blood. The fresh blood is a metaphor for new members, and not a sacrifice, so please don't be afraid to join. For anyone feeling melancholic regarding the current state of the World Wide Web, act on your right, and your duty, and enlist today, the IRC Brigade requires no entry fee other than your time.

Click here to enlist via IRC.Koshka.Love

Scheduled Content:

As part of our organized Brigade activities, the group Brigade will organize and carry out events such as:

*Doom Deathmatches
*Quack Deathmatches
*Movie Nights
*Website Spelunking
*Sharing MP3's
*Looking for supernatural phenomena online

And we will have lot's of fun, I, as Brigade Chief, demand it ò-ó

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