The Internetworks are vast and expansive, with millions and millions of sites to explore, here you can find a ever growing assortment of links to websites better than this one

Not organized in alphabetical order, but a man can dream


Koshka's Kingdom A vast and creative web 1.0 style web page, with a large amount of pages dedicated to a variety of topics. Has served as the main inspiration for creating this site ^-^
Digital Halluzinations A very work in progress site made by a good friend of mine, we have a similar style and interest, so if you like my site you'll most likely find it interesting A Minimal looking webpage, featuring original music and flash animations, with a enormous links directory
Shadowm00n's Summit A simple Website featuring articles about Technology And Video Games
Print's Pink Palace A small yet adorable webpage from a small yet adorable friend of mine


A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace "[...] I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind" The Deceleration of a Free Cyberspace, written by John Perry Barlow all the way back in 1996, serves as mandatory reading for anyone graduating in the Internet's school of thought (i.e. having no school of thought).

Resources A fun little Search engine that directs you exclusively to web 1.0 style pages, it can't be used for most everyday purposes, but is well worth browsing for fun looking for older websites
The Cutting Room Floor An amazing resource to read about scrapped and unused content from Video games
Norse Mythology For Smart People A compact and focused website providing well sourced information on the pre-christian Nordic religion, a good place to start if you want to learn more about concepts from Viking mythology A online collection of guitar tabs, with a built in player. Works via anyone being able to share tabs, which lets anyone fix mistakes, but don't expect less popular songs to have well made tabs, or any tabs in the first place.
Kamikaze Images A neatly designed website focused on the Kamikaze pilots, specifically the different depictions, portrayals and perceptions of them, from both the Japanese and American perspective. It's collection of writings of Kamikaze pilots is not to be missed.


Resources A go-to site for finding torrents of anime and manga The name says it all, good for finding romaji transcriptions, as well as the original Japanese lyrics to songs from Anime/J-pop
Visual Novel Database A database for all sort of Visual Novels, including incredibly obscure ones. Its design and all of its different themes speaks to me Anime Web Turnpike A now defunct anime site, with a forum, news page, and over 60 000 links to other anime related websites, meant to function as a turnpike for all online anime webpages
Anilinks A enormous list of links to Anime pages, great for finding personal pages created by fans of shows you like ^^ Based on the defunct Anime Web turnpike

Personal Pages

Rob Kelk's Anime Website A simplistic yet wonderfully expansive personal anime web page
Lawmune's Anime Page A simple and medium sized personal Anime page from the 90's, It is part of a larger site i have yet to check out properly
Daicon III and IV Opening Animations A small page dedicated to the history and trivia about the Daicon III and IV opening animations to the Nihon SF Taikai conventions, also from the previously mentioned site

涼宮ハルヒ / Suzumiya Haruhi The official website for the anime airing of The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, made to resemble to website Kyon creates in the show ^-^
The Haroohie Translation Club A group doing gods work, dedicated to translating JP-exclusive Haruhi themed games into English. Currently they've translated about half of Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsu for the DS, and will later translate Suzumiya Haruhi no Heiretsu for the Wii as well. (archived)



Shane's Pokemon Domain An adorable webpage made by a 13 year old in the late 90's, before the realese of Gen 2, serves as an interesting time capsule
Mirage Island A comfy pokemon fanpage, featuring some fun stuff, as well as a few useful guides. It's still quite small at the moment, but is being updated semi-regularly


Dreamcastify The most definitive resource you'll find detailing the changes made for the "remastered" release for Sonic Adventure to the Gamecube and PC, as well as a guide for restoring the PC release to the original look of the Dreamcast version
Sonic Retro
Sega Retro A enormous Wiki dedicated to Sega and its history. Made by the people behind Sonic Retro, it aims to cover everything possible about Sega from the 1940s to today.

Misc So far the best summary I've found of Malbolge, the programming language from hell