Emerald Coast presents...
  • There are over 3000 varieties of pears grown around the world
  • The majority of the worlds pears are grown in china, but the US also has a large domestic pear industry
  • Pears are one of the fruits highest in fiber, and also has a healthy dose of Vitamin C, B3, and lulz, making it a healthy snack!
  • Unlike other fruits, pears have to be picked by hand as opposed to automated agricultural devices. This is because they are very sensitive and easily bruised. Try not to hurt their feelings!
  • There is a rare type of pears often called lolwuts, if you hold one of these up to your ear they might whisper their secrets to you. Just be careful, they can bite!
  • In 2005, the pear became the official state fruit of Oregon.
  • Many people don't know this, but when pear trees bloom, they get covered in a beautiful type of white flower!
  • The heaviest pear ever grown came from Japan, and weighed a whopping 3 kilograms! (6.6 pounds)
  • If you eat enough pears, you will eventually notice you start giggling more, this means the infection has started.

A laughing pear whispered these things into my ear

a laughing pear

"The Village Pear Tree"

Many years passed - and outside the bakery,
a solitary pear tree stood in the middle of the town.

It blossomed in white lace through spring,
and fruited when the sun cooled down
as crisp leaves crunched underfoot.

Pears from this little tree made pies,
warming townsfolk when "the westerlies" blew.
Few things are as prized as some stewed spiced pear,
in place of pineapples, mangoes, pawpaws, citrus, lychee,
avocadoes, and macadamia nuts dancing in the sunshine.
Pear trees are treasured, and not often seen growing
on the red or grey soils of Blackall Range villages.
When 'Kero Kev' bought the bakery buildings -
no hot bread aromas greeted customers the next day,
for a night fire razed it all to ash - and the tree turned black.
But rumours quickly spread about an old farmer taking a cutting or two
years earlier, and some oldtimers are still searching around his acreage...
in mountain village
the only pear tree combusts
whispers of saplings