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Welcome to Emerald Coast! My very own page on this vast space of interconnected networks, named after the beautiful Emerald coloured beach in Florida Station Square. This website is mainly meant as a way to showcase my interests.

You finding this page was not a coincidence, this is hell. My own personal internet

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Why I Watch Anime
Haruhi Shrine A scattered fan shrine dedicated to my all time favourite series
Karaoke Club One day, I will add more songs
IRC An Introduction to IRC and my friend's Network
IRC Application Forum
Flash's Hall of Fame A short writing on my unusually new experience with Flash
Fun Fact About Pears An ode to pears and Ice Fairies
Er... you know...
Links You know, if you want to leave me here all alone ;~;

Site developed on a 4:3 monitor, not designed for phones. We're living in the information age, yet you don't have a single computer?

Emerald Coast: Not Dead Yet!
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