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IRC resident Prints arrested, suspected culprit of recent city flood

Well known IRC resident Prints, last name unknown, has long been suspected of playing a crucial role in the flooding of the IRC town square summer last year. The flooding killed an estimated 3 people, and resulted in a major crack forming through the town square.

Having long feared a sentence, Prints had been going in and out of hiding for the better part of a year, but was recently charged with voluntary manslaughter, and appeared in court under federal law on Tuesday.

Not being able to afford a lawyer, prints was left fending for himself in the courtroom. He ultimately managed to escape the court twice before being glued to his chair.

Print's appearing in front of senior Judge Mitsurugi
Photo: Angel-Kitty

A ruling from the courts Jury, backed up by Supreme Judge Mitsurugi, confirmed Prints's involvement in the flooding, and sentenced the guilty party to indefinite time in the west coast prison of California.

The Public remains divided on the courts ruling, some celebrating the court's quick ruling. Yet others view the ruling as overly harsh, one such cat was interviewed by IRC times reporter, having only "ò-ó" to say in response.

Posted on Friday, In the year of our lord

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